Hi, my name is Lollie. I live in California, with a dream of becoming an author. 
Eight things about me:
1. I love kittens, they're so adorable and cute.
2. I love being friends with everyone, even though I can be shy at times.
3. Hot Cheetos are my favorite snack. Yum!
4. I am a bisexual woman. Please don't hate on my sexuality, thank you.
5. The most important thing, I am really funny.
6. I am a huge Phantom of the Opera fan.
7. I love chocolate!
8. Favorite kind of take-out food is either Chinese or Mexican, it's hard to choose.

NOTICE: All of my works are first drafts therefore they contain a lot of grammatical errors, and use of repetition. Please let me know where these are so I can change them asap. Also, If you see my works being translated or copied, please let me know so I can fix it.

Thanks for reading my bio, check out my stories.
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