First thing you need to know

If you are Homophobic, Transphobic, Sexist or Racist that's fine and dandy but please don't vocalize it, It is rude and disrespectful to anyone that fit under these categories, I really don't like it when people hate on others just because they are different, If you are going to be rude I do NOT want it to reach me or anyone for that matter. If you want to be a nice person and join in by all means have fun but if all you are going to do is cyber-bully people this is not the place for you. If you don't have a good opinion on something it's okay to say "Personally I don't like this" that is 100% okay you are human and you are allowed to have an opinion but if it turns into "Eww this is disgusting" or you are using hateful slurs that is just plain rude. If you are like this please leave and I kindly ask you to stop following me.


Hi, I'm ♡Casey♡ just your average Pan-ro Ace ( Pan-romantic Asexual)
My pronouns are They/Them please respect what every wishes to be called

You are all adopted dinner is at 6:00 bed by 8
For anyone under 7 Bed by 10:30 for anyone under 13 bed by 12 :15 for anyone under 18

You can all have fun and start conversations if you want, I will talk at almost anytime (unless I'm asleep in school or at an important event)

I will post if I'm unavailable
( for the 15 follower I actually have )

If you ever need to talk just DM me I'm always
Willing to listen to someone rant

I'm almost always a super accepting person ( Unless you are a mean person who just wants to hate in others, If you are one of these people I again kindly ask you to leave and unfollow me)
Everyone is welcome!!!

I don't have any social media as of right now

Have a great Morning/Evening or Night and as always stay safe and wash your hands
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