Hey there !!!
We know u might be confuse with the names so let us explain
We are Marissa Aaliyah aka Rissclover13 and Bre Aaliyah aka xxProdigyLuverxx
We both go as Aaliyah because its our middle namee XD so are LIYAHGANG and we aree TOTALLY Mindless :D
The books we writee aree completely fan fiction
We hopeeeeeee u likeee our books and please fan, votee and comment ur thoughts <3<3
We Luv u
Signed ,

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███████ 70%Nerdy
████████ 80%Peaceful
█████████ 90% Ipod Addict
██████████ 100% Dedicated2MindlessBehavior.♥
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enjoy our new updated book
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When I First Saw Ya

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Description: Soon befriened by the AMAZING boy group Mindless Behavior, four young teens learn about life, love, and hate... are you ready 2 takee a journey??


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