Um... About me?? I am so in love with music it hurts sometimes. My stories usually have music somewhere in the contents. I really like to smile, Smiling is more contagious than the common cold. 
-I tan insanely easy and, lucky for me, i'm love the sun.
-I wear contacts my hair turns blonde in the summer and i'm really clumsy.
-I play the piano and saxophone and a wee lil bit o' guitar. I sing non-stop and drive most sane people mad.
-I AM IN LOVE WITH MY PIANO (and my triangle, ben)
-My teeth are natually crazy straight.
-I can't spell worth anything and i don't cuss.
-My style is a little off from the rest of the world but that's just the way i roll.
-Most people would say i'm a very loveable person and that i have a sparkaling personality :)
-I have a favorie artist of the "Week" when really it's not a week i just needed to give it a tiltle. This "week" it' John Mayer and he's always my favorite artist of the week :)
- I love God and Jesus with all my heart and soul <3 <3 if you don't then i'm very sorry but if you're not a Jesus fan and have no intention of being then i insist you just dig yourself a grave now. No offense... well maybe a little but i'm not gonna get into that :)

I abolutely love to read and write so if you have a story you think is cool and you want me to read it, or if you are just and insecure artist who is really a brilliant writer and won't belive it until 100 different strangers have told you you're absolutely awesome, Then leave me a story suggestion :) i would looove to read it :D Well that's all i got for you!
Love Always,
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Live2sing Live2sing Dec 01, 2012 06:06PM
sorry i've been away so long... hey :)
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