Hey I'm so happy your enjoying my book!
          	Well I try and update as often as possible so usually twice a week but as spring break is comming up maybe more maybe less
          	Please remember to vote and comment 
          	Liv xx


Any further plans to complete the book I have exams are coming and can't get over this incomplete book.  I hate to wait so for God's sake Update me..... 
               If I fail...... Not good trust me. 


Hi just finished your 2 books about amelia and luca.. and i cant wait for an update... hoping for the best... fingers crossed!! Love the books btw


Hey! I am literally obsessed with the bad boy series! I was wondering if there were going to be more chapters to “Memories of a Bad Boy"? I have two chapters left and i don’t know what i am going to do when i finish them. 
          P.s. love the way you write! 


Hi ! I just read the bad boy series in a day and I was wondering if you will ever continue i don’t want to get my hopes up checking everyday :/ so could you announce if you will ! It’s amazing and that cliff hanger is crazy !! Best book I’ve read in a while !!  Please let me know !! 

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