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I am African and proud.
I love ANIMALS, i don't have any! I'm learning French and Italian! Woo! XD
Mi chiamo LitttleReader, non ho animale. Je m'appelle LittleReader, je n'ai pas animaux.
I love eating chicken! :D I have a few books so check 'em out! Yes I'm a Christian, Jesus loves me and loves all of you too.

PM me for my services and we'll work something out, like rotas and such.
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LittleReader LittleReader Nov 11, 2013 06:26PM
Hello my munchkins. How are you all? I have a new book out, it came out yesterday, it's called The Flip Side so check it out! Please and thanks, love you guys.
            ~LR x
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Guide to: Being A Nigerian

Social data: 1.4K reads. 104 votes. 94 comments.

Description: Join me as I go through the ins and outs, ups and downs and rules and regulations of being a Nigerian.


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