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"We're sailing on an ocean, headed for nowhere. And I don't care."

"An american drama consists of none other than cheeseburgers & sex."

"What did I tell you? That past is past. Don't let it follow you."

"Hard to let go of something once you get a' hold of it."

"We're in this together."

"Why is it always the ones we love, we try and hide, and give our laughter to perfect strangers?"

"My ugly mouth, damn' those words that come out of my mouth."

"The thing you wished for the most, is something you'll never get."

"I dreamt that you were a dog. And the dog was my husband. Anyway, it was the worst dream ever."

"Think of what you have, not what you lack."

"You say a lot without talking too much."

"Keep your mind always open."

"I saw it! She has six boobs!"

"Learn to trust with your eyes shut."

"Learn to love and not hold back."

"Our journey starts, on this long, long steep slope."

"But everything keeps changing. All the fun and happy things are changing. But even so, are you still able to like this place?"

Hello, my fellow comrades! I am Lacy, the person standing outside your house right now with the binoculars. It's nice to meet you! Please message me anytime if you'd like to talk! = ) It would be a pleasure to get to know you!
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@ItsMeh Hey, sweetie! Thank you so very much again for reading my story, and I'm really glad that you like it! It means so much to me! 
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