Hey everyone! I'm quite new to Watt pad. I am currently writing my first story on this website and I'm not sure what to call it so I called it Unknown. I hope you like my stories but please don't judge too harshly because I am just a beginner.
I'm a big fan on anime and manga and asian stuff so I am planning on writing fanfiction. I also like KPOP.
My type of Novels are Romance and Fantasy. Other things are an exception as long as they have at least alittle romance. I have currently given up on Unknown and have started a new story called Love Is A Stranger (Or So It Seems). I havent uploaded it yet and im planning on uploading soon but the problem is that I don't have a good cover yet and i want to get a cover before i upload. I love drawing manga and if theres a way to upload my drawings, ill try to upload them.
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Description: Blurb: Alexia is an otaku. She loves anime and manga but the thing that she loves most is COSPLAY!! So She goes to OtakuExpo which is an anime/manga convention which is famous for their cosplay competition and...


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