I'm a web designer, graphic artist and lover of all things digital. On occasion I make videos and small animations.

On Wattpad I make covers, but rarely write (but we might fix that sometime). At the time of writing I've made covers for friends of mine, including http://www.wattpad.com/user/StoriesForWonderland

As with all my designs, I believe that less is often better, so I'll leave this small introduction as just that, a small introduction.

Feel free to drop me a message, whether to say hi, ask me to check out a design, or give criticism/feedback on any of my current designs...or follow for updates, including work in progress and maybe some tutorials!

I design covers, yes. However, it is rare for me to do a cover for no payment, and by payment I don't mean a few words in your next story or a comment on my profile or an honest review or a vote or whatever. However, I will do it for free or for that kind of payment if I have time and you're either a friend of mine or your idea interests me. It must be understood, however, that in these situations I am working with you and not for you.
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