Pierce, Wing, Kestrel? Anyone? I need to finish your stories.
          	WHY WON'T YOU TALK TO ME?!
          	(Pierce is the love interest of my secret project, not the same guy from TGDY.)


@Lisa-Stone hey! im new here i read TSD and TBATH and  i am really interested in TGDY but I cant find it so can u pls give the link


@henrietta_lacks you are too stressed with life


Hey so I saw your synopsis for shadow circle and the last sentence had me busting up laughing. So…….. I made a poster of it and made it a quote and showed it to my friends and they were busting up laughing too. They loved it so I was wondering if you wanted me to send it to you so you could see it


Idk if you can add an image to a convo and I couldn’t figure out how otherwise would have attached it.    so if you want it you might have to help me figure out how to send it to you      


Reading "The Beauty And The Heist" with same excitement as like i did for the first time. 
          P.S- It's my third time reading.
          Thanks, I always look forward to writings related to science as well as Mafia.


Your work is absolutely amazing and your one of the best writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading from!!! Both your books have been an absolute adventure and I cannot wait for your sequel for ‘The Shadow Circle’ !!! I’m too invested now and will be patiently waiting. You should be very proud of yourself for having written two fantastic books and possibly more in tue future!


Just finished Shadow Circle and OMG IT WAS AMAZING. i love your writing style and also there were very few grammatical errors (which honestly is the worst part about Wattpad) which was amazing. also i love the story line and how there was very little romantic subplot and it mostly just focused on the actual plot. Incredible and absolutely going on my Reading List. I’ll be watching for the sequel ;))