Stories by Jen Ashley
Domino Effect (Yukio) #Wattys2017 by LionDuckling
Domino Effect (Yukio) #Wattys2017 Adventure
What if Yukio Okumura was given a chance to see what would life be like if he was never born? What if he was then also given the chance to see everything after if he were to die? He will literally get to see both...
A Demon, Lost #Wattys2016 by LionDuckling
A Demon, Lost #Wattys2016 Adventure
Having lost most of his confidence due to his losses: The ultimate Tetsusaiga, an arm lost, embarrassed owning the Tensaiga, having lost his all-powerful father from having fallen in love with a mere human of whom...
On The Same Page (YukioxOC) by LionDuckling
On The Same Page (YukioxOC) Romance
After having a real bad day before, Misa's sour mood carried to the next day and then eventually directed towards Rin for always slacking off and being too lazy on his way to become an Exorcist. Yukio was caught o...
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