The Shadows Saga has been done up with new covers. Let me know what you think!
          	I've also been doing some writing for Beyond the Shadows. So be on the look out for a new chapter!! Sorry it has been so long :(


@EverynKildare Thank you so much! I managed to find the series and just had to make them mine. Haha


@Linna1029 Been gone a while and just saw the new covers! They look great :D


Are you going to update Beyond the Shadows?? It's such a good read loving it and really want to know how it ends! Great job though loving it!!


When do you think you will be able to update Bts? Would really like to see where it goes.. Big fan here.


Hey um didn't know if you knew this but someone named Red_Assasain has the exact same book as you. Like exact same cover and description. Wasn't sure if you knew this so just wanted to bring you attention to it.


Hey! Hows ya?
          Just wanted to ask when are you going to update Beyond the shadows? Can't wat! ^-^