hi. LeAndrea here i love to read and write, and i'm dyslexic (so don't judge my horrid spelling skills.) Jesus is my bff. I am a devoted christian, an most of my writing involves God and your relationship with Him.

Now, I'm am super lazy so it may be awhile until i get stuff written. But once I do get up something, tell me what you think. I love anything with adventure and romance. I'd love to be an actress someday, or an auther or both.
I also do not read stuff that: the tile is the summery or blurb, that's stupid! or any thing about vampires :P

i love pirates of the caribben, an marvel movies,owls, tigers, music, people, OH and JESUS! ...so yeah thats me in a nut shell

"nothing can keep us from God's love; death can't life can't, angles can't demons can't, the fears of today and worries of tomorrow can not separate us from His love" Romans 8:38
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Lindyray Lindyray Jul 09, 2011 01:50AM
@nineler  thanks haha
             @Lilac775 what! that's beast !!!
            hehe i feel loved ^_^ 
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