Name first: Well I'm Linda, my whole name means: the pretty one chosen by deity for all her strength and wisdom, which sounds really awesome but really means nothing. That's me on the left, looking sinister in my 'Angel of Death' costume for Halloween. 

Lives? Bundaberg, QLD Australia

Likes? I love reading, writing and listening to music and shopping
The best book ever: Couldn't choose. I like horrific/romantic themes, it's my preferred movie genre also.
The best band ever: Evanescence, but I like everything from Metallica and The Ramones to the top 20, but old school rock is the best.

1 thing I could change about me if I could? I'd like to be taller, I'm 156cm tall. Reason number 'only' why I'm always in heals.

Best friend? Shari bear. Best friends for 9 years!

Siblings? I'm the second youngest out of 8 Ranging from my eldest half sister who just turned 40, to my little brother who is 13.

Hates? Irritating people, the cold. *Shivers,* and onion.

Alright guys, Gate Guardians' has been removed completely, including the one shots, forgive. It's been rewritten, cleaned up and now it's heading to the publishers weee!!!! Stoked. When it gets published I'll be closing my whole account. But firstly I'd like to say thank you to my many fans and beautiful comments, the last couple of years have been awesome doing this, so thank you to you.
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Linda_Katrina Linda_Katrina Apr 26, 2012 05:39AM
Hey guys, to everyone keen on Gate Guardians' I've taken it off 'cause I've got Publishers hopefully happening. For those keen on hearing the ending, leave your email with me and I'll send you the la...
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