Hey A Medieval Tale fans! Are you up for a new fantasy series set in a medieval universe? Try Legends of Radenor on my profile! I uploaded a new part to it just now. Warmly, Lina


Hello i noticed you haven't updated in a while,
          Hope your okay :)
          Your book is amazing by the way !!



Hiee I'm a new fan just wanted to know if you are going to finish the book half demon's revenge because it's just amazing and what you gave us is an amazing intro to a phenomenal adventure... I do hope you continue soon...


Are you still active I loved you books will you please make an part 2!!


          I really like your works, I wanna try to make comics if its okay.... Actually, I in love in half demon revenge.  I just want to try in visually with in my own imagination of your works, and also I want to share my visual to the reader. I want your permission