Hey A Medieval Tale fans! Are you up for a new fantasy series set in a medieval universe? Try Legends of Radenor on my profile! I uploaded a new part to it just now. Warmly, Lina


Hi I am a beginner in Wattpad. I have a question for you @LinaJPotter . It's that I am dividing my fantasy story in two or more volumes. I mean I created two books for a single story. Is it okay to do like this?


Hi guys,
          Can you please check my newest work? I don't know if you'll like it a lot or not but please let me know if some changes are required and if something got you stuck at any part of the story I'll be glad to clear all sorts of queries related to my story and with your help I can make my first work a memorable one❤
          If you liked it please vote for it❤❤
          Thank you❤❤



Hello! Im a new writter. And i just started a book called "crowned by darkness". I could be really happy if you checked my work out. Thank you.
          And i really love your half demon series. that inspired me in the first place. Could you please try to update that series? I could love to read a part 2.
          (Thank you..)


Hey could you check out my high fantasy story "Once A Hero"? I'm looking for input. Thank you!