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Hello, I'm um, a person.. Obviously..
I'm 100% pure, that's also pretty obvious?
I'm Aussie. Yet I don't go around screaming to the world "YOLO YOLO, SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE!!!" Just to clarify we call them prawns, not shrimp. Please & thank you😂

♥️I write smuts (don't judge me!), fanfics & I'm gonna make a book for my OC's (I'll post like refs, and information about them).♥️

♣️I'm secretly an ARMY if you know what that is~
Also into anime & manga. Love reading fanfics, or whatever books I find in my library lmao. Warriors is literally life!♣️

♡Some Of My Favourite Warrior Cat Ships♡
- Sandstorm x Firestar
- Greystripe x Silverstream
- Leafpool x Crowfeather
- Bluestar x Oakheart
- Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight
- Lionblaze x Cinderheart
♡Just at the top of my head♡

If you've actually read my bio you're a legend⭐️
You can have a cookie🍪
Hmm, maybe a few more🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
Message me if you want! Funny, I thought I spelt massage?.

I'm sorry y'all xD

Btw hope you're all having an amazing day, night afternoon or morning, it doesn't really matter you get the point.. Also don't let anyone bring you down❤️
You're beautiful/ handsome, don't let no bitches tell you otherwise. Alright, I love you all~ xxx
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LilyFrostWCS LilyFrostWCS May 23, 2018 11:35PM
I updated my smut book, (for warriors). You guys should read it! ^^Click to read it —> https://my.w.tt/ldoG9LDjaNGo check it out! >:3
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