Wassup, I'm Lilian. Lili for short. I'm stupid, my IQ is between 0 and -50. (I'm actually smart, I just have a slow brain.) Please read my story's and if you do, I hope you enjoy them! Just so you know, I personally prefer They/Them over She. And yes, I am a girl. But I prefer to be called Them.

Ok, so I curse and I'm probably going to hell.

Also, I will not get along with you if you hate LGBTQ+ m'kay? Becuase I'm Queer. (I am actually a PanRomantic, DemiSexual, NonBionary CrossDresser, and that's it but feel like adding the fact that I'm an Introvert.)

Also, I hate people who bully. So if I find you bullying, I will find you. And I will report you. (Totally "not" a reference, btw.)

My boy name is Jace Witcher. My actual name (nickname) is Lilian Dankau Janus. But if you call me by my girl name, Jane is fine. Also, I'm not actually going to say my real name, so don't ask. Thanks.

And if you hate/dislike Creepypasta, Harry Potter, Black Butler Please leave. Thank you! Btw if you get on my bad side, you probably don't care but I won't talk to you anymore. You can only escape my wrath if we are friends, Ok?

I like to sing and write songs.

Ships: Harry Potter; CreepyPasta; Black Butler; Spiderman; MHA. (In this order)

Draco × Harry - Drarry (OTP)
Ron × Hermione - Romione
Blaise × Neville - Bleville
Pansy × Ginny × Luna - Painna

Jeff × Lui - Jui
Slenderman × Offenderman

Sebastian × Ceil - SebaCiel(OTP)

Harley × Peter - Parley (Fucking OTP)
Ironman × Dr. Strange - IronStrange
Steve × Bucky - Stucky

Bakuguo × MiddleSchool!Deku - BakuDeku
Dabi × Shigaraki - ShigaDabi
Uraraka × Toga - Toraka
Todoroki × Iida - TodoIida
Momo × Jirou - MomoJirou
I like it cut G. (G now stands for gay-)

[IF YOU DON'T LIKE GAYS, BISEXUALS, AND/OR OTHERS, GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY PAGE. I WILL NOT TOLERATE HATE ON MY PROFILE! Please and Thank You. Also, for those don't hate, yay new buddies! Goodbye, have a nice day/evening/night!]
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