HI!!! my name is Lycia but my friend call me Lili. I am 15 years old, i'm pansexual and I love yaoi
i'm a otaku and my favorite anime is naruto and yuri on ice
Don't judge me!!!!!!
1) If I run like naruto in the street
2) If I try to do some jutsu
3) If every fucking time someone say 'Viktor' and I scream 'WHERE'
4) If I laugh like a maniac because i'm thinking about...... things

Things I like: sleep, eat, my SENPAI, anime, internet, do nothing with my life, my guinea pigs, cartoons, drawing, my friend, nature and more

Things I hate : Everything that I didn't write up there 👆

Favorite youtuber : Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Zone Toons , Snarled, the Anime man, Akidearest and more

Favorite music band or singer : Panic at the disco, 21 pilot, my chemical romance, Melanie Martinez, system of the down, Billie Eilish and more

Favorite musical : Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, Be more chill, Hamilton, and more

Favorite SHIP : Creek, Style, Bunny, Stolovan (south park) Treebros, boyf riend, Richjake, Heathers x Veronica (musical) Danvid, Gumlee, finn x Flame, stevonnie, Ruby x Sapphire, Peridot x Lapis, Viktuuri, Otayuri, Zosan, Zadr, Simkus.......... I should stop here
IM THE QUEEN OF DIRTY JOKE AND PERVERSITY but sadly god can't forget my sins
I'm crazy and creepy every people I know are scared of me and I tried to kill my friend one day because he said fairy tale is better then One piece and i'm not sociable? but I have many friends so I don't care... but im still really friendly😊
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Story by Lili_love_yaoi
Just some art my dudes  by Lili_love_yaoi
Just some art my dudes
There will be some fandom art, ships, request, some oc's, horror and more
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