I guess I'll start this off by apologizing, I am absolutely 100% terrible at doing these About me things. I'll start with the basics in a list, instead of boring you with descriptions ;)

~I'm in fact *gasp* A girl! No matter how much like a guy I may sound. Haha
~I am a Teenager, and a big sister of 4 (one half brother, three step brothers, one best friend who is like a sis)
~I live somewhere along one of the coasts of The Usa
~I ADORE horses
~ I love guns, I shoot competitively. If you ever want to talk about horses, guns or video games, I am the one for you :D
~Love my xbox, currently working on the Mass Effect series(Again :D ) and my Black Ops II Multiplayer level.
~I love to talk.
~ I ready anything and everything, If you want me to read something of yours and fan you, all you have to do it ask, I certainly wont tell you no.
~ I..LOVE.. Ford Mustangs and Shelby Mustangs!.. Almost all the GT's , 'specially old models and new models.
~ I AM NINJA! No.. Like seriously. Maybe not a ninja, yet, but I am however, a black belt in Karate(as of Early 2013) Favorite weapon- SWORDS! LOVE em.
~I dont dance. Not that you should really know or care. I just dont,. Dance. At all.
~ Im really.. Really short..

My background picture is the sky. It may just look like a light blue color but it is most definitely the sky. That is of right now, I like to change it.. So it may change, very soon.

Ok with my list mostly done.. I'll stop, If you ever want to chat, Im here and available. See ya!


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