Hi. I will tell you about me now
1) I am 12 but I don't fucking care
2) I only go on here if I have free time in school or I am at my house just chillin'
3) No being a dick to me please. I would really appreciate that
4) I will befriend anyone in a fandom I'm in
5) I like reading anime lemon fanfics and BTS fanfics
6) I can't make friends easily if I talk to them irl but online, I can make tons of friends
7) My life keeps getting even more boring as it goes on
8) I have recently found K-pop and my whole perspective on music changed
9) My bias is Jungkook
10) My favorite BTS ships are NamJin[Namjoon and Jin], Taekook[Taehyung and Jungkook], Yoonmin[Yoongi and Jimin], Sope[Yoongi and Hoseok], Jihope[Jimin and Hoseok] and Sugakookie[Yoongi and Jungkook]
12) I'm addicted to BTS
13) I have depression

Here's to someone who was told that he would bring shame to the family because he would never make it in the industry.

Here's to someone who chose not to believe in what others said and went for his dreams anyway.

Here's to someone who would choose to starve in order to pay for his expenses to make music.

Here's to someone who only made 10 cents per CD he sold on the street and would perform in front of two people during his gigs.

Here's to someone who hardly slept and hardly ate for days, weeks, even months on end because music was more important.

Here's to someone who rarely shows his tears because he always puts his members first before himself, to be strong for the other members to lean on.

Here's to someone, who despite all of this, battled depression and suicidal thoughts for years.

Here's to someone who finally reached to the top and achieved his dreams.

Here's to someone who can finally let his true emotions show, for the first time in a very very long time.

Here's to Min Yoongi.
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LifetimeKookies666 LifetimeKookies666 Sep 24, 2018 01:41AM
Hello people... I just wanted to say that my depression is getting stronger and I don't know how long I'll last now... Well, goodbye for now... I'll notify you when I plan to die...
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