achievements i want to make
[x] get 10 vote
[x] get 20 vote
[x] get 50 vote
[x] get 90 vote
[x] get 100 vote
[x] get 200 vote
[x] get 300 votes
[X] get 500 votes
[] get 1000 votes

[x] have 5 fans
[x] have 10 fans
[x] have 15 fans
[x] have 20 fans
[x] have 30 fans
[x] have 40 fans
[x] have 50 fans
[] have 100 fans
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LifesADance LifesADance Jun 23, 2015 01:05AM
omg thank yall so much! I have reached my Goal of 1,000 votes!
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im a street fighter, oh and i might have to marry the first son?! (slow updates)

Social data: 90.7K reads. 1.3K votes. 177 comments.

Description: Not really good at descriptions so just take a chance and read it I tend to write very rarely on any of my stories but this one is the most I have worked on! Sorry for the slow updates!!


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