@iSneeze fan that hoe. He's funny, awesome, a bit childish, a pain in the ass at times, he likes to mooch food, and- oh. :L Err...we've been friends since the sixth grade...and he's always telling me what to do...so I made a Wattpad. :L

Anywhore, H-E-L-L-O! My name is Tyler. With a T. Not an 'X', not a 'K', not a 'F', not a 'G', not whatever the fuck else people use, just...Tyler. >_>

`I'm 17
`I'm just so damn flossy, I know what you like, there ain't no gangster like me I'ma give it to you every time...
`As you can see from the above, I am a diehard Hollywood Undead fan.
`I'm a bit of a nerd, so be prepared to love me. c:
`My iPod is my everything
`I'm bisexual.
`Don't like it?
`No Tyler for you.
`Pete Wentz <3_<3
` ^I'm mentally dating that sexy beast.
`Yeah...you figured it out...
`I'm single. :I
`So, I know I'm gonna piss a LOT of people off by saying this, but I don't like the bands DotDotCurve, brokeNCYDE, and BOTDF. >_>;
`Now, before you start raging, hear me out.
`I don't like bands that sing about sex, dicks, a woman's glory hole, jizz...and whatever the fuck else they sing about.
`I also don't like bands that constantly scream throughout the whole song.
`Believe me, though, I think all the singers of those bands are sexy as hell.
`/).(\ I'm gonna get so much hate, I can just feel it, lol...
`I don't read. . .
`If gas gets any higher, I'm cutting a hole through the floorboard and Flinstoning this bitch.
`I fan back.

Bad: Waking up and finding a dick sharpied onto your face.
Worse: Finding out it was traced.

t(*-*t) FuCk ThE hAtErS (t*-*)t
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