Welcome to my page!

I'm just your amateur writer turning my dreams and ideas into stories. I came into writing on a whim. Since then I been dappling in different genres. So far fantasy/supernatural is my strong point, working on teen fiction, romance, and general fiction. Maybe Fanfiction.

I still have a lot to learn in the world of story telling/writing. To tell the truth, I NEVER thought I be doing anything like this in my entire life.

Some fact's about me:

*Favorite Colors is Purple, Silver and White.
*A lover of fashion.......and also writing.
*Supporter for Gay Rights, Women Rights, and anything that represents equality.
*A lover of all types of music since they help with the writing.
*I have a huge thing for werewolves and jinn, which I still can't explain.
*A gamer at times; Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts, Need for Speed, and Final Fantasy games are at the top of my list.

Schedule Update (more stories to come)


Tuesdays: The Betrothed

Wednesdays: Genesis

Thursdays: Mate of the Lycan

Fridays: The Shewolf Within Me

Primal Instinct (Lycan/werewolf)
Celebrity High (FanFiction)
Just Bitten (Vampire) (preview is up)

If you want to know the latest news and updates on my stories and projects;
*Follow me on Wattpad by just clicking on the 'Follow' button.
*Twitter - @ZayneBraxton.
*Facebook - being update and new post coming soon.

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Libra4Life2012 Libra4Life2012 Jul 28, 2016 12:14AM
Hey Everyone
            I not going to post anything today but will be posting the next chapter to Mate of the Lycan tomorrow
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The Shewolf Within Me (bxb)

Social data: 705K reads. 23.4K votes. 2.5K comments.

Description: Pyro is a werewolf with a dark secret, he was born as an female wolf side. A all white wolf which is a prize to male werewolves to have as their mate. When his family becomes apart of a pack, he does his best...

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