The name is Roman Monroe.

I came into writing on a whim due to a broken heart. After having a dream 'Blood MooN: Alpha's Witch' was the start of something that a lot of readers enjoyed. From there, I've been writing down my dreams in my 'Story Bible' hopefully one day turn it in to a story.

I'm just an amateur writer, sharing my dreams in a story. Still have a lot to learn in the world of story telling/writing. To tell the truth, I NEVER thought I be doing anything like this in my entire life. Creating stories and love doing it.

Some fact's about me:

*Favorite Color is Black.
*Favorite Food is Grapes, can eat them for days.
*A lover of fashion.......and also writing.
*Supporter for Gay Rights and as well as Women Rights
*A lover of all types of music. Songs that I HAVE to listen to daily are:
Beyonce - XO
Britt Nicole - The Sun Is Rising
Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven
Dawn Richard, mainly anything from her
Nikki Flores - Midnight Music
Nikki Fores - Rebel
Sleeping with Sirens - Low
*I have a huge thing for werewolves, which I still can't explain.
*A gamer at times; Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts, Need for Speed, and Final Fantasy games are at the top of my list.

If you want to know the latest news and updates on my stories and projects;
*Follow me on Wattpad by just clicking on the 'Follow' button.
*Go to my Facebook Fan Page, Libra4Life2012
*Twitter - @Roman_Monroe
*Youtube - Coming soon.
*Instagram - Coming Soon.

Let me know if you want me to read one of your stories

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……… /█\ ♥/█\


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Under The Moon (BoyxBoy)

Social data: 360 reads. 28 votes. 10 comments.

Description: This is a BoyxMan story. Trin Bassett is a rebel at heart. Little did he know his life would change when he shake the hand of Celina Crescent, the high alpha elder of the Crescent Moon pack. Now living within the pack he has to adjust to the rules...


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The She-wolf Within Me (bxb) ON HOLD

The She-wolf Within Me (bxb) ON HOLD

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Pyro is a werewolf with a dark secret, he was born as an female wolf side. A all white wolf which is a p...

Let me answer this question. Second book of The Cameron Brothers is coming. Would you want me to post the preview of the second book?
Hey Librains,
      I know you all be wondering "hey why so long with the updates?"
      I'm honestly and truly sorry for taking forever to post, but I do want to share with you guys why it's taking so long.
      If you didn't know I love designing and creating things. For the past few months I been working on designs for jewelry, mainly bracelets and necklaces. I love the whole handcrafted/handmade things (a etsy shopper at times). So I wanted to start my own jewelry/accessories. Unapologetic Collection is my new venture that coming this way. From dainty to rebel, unisex jewelry. Stacked them up to express your personal style is why I like it so much. For those who are interested and want support that side of my creativity go follow Unapologetic Collection on instagram to see some things I'm working on .
      Also that venture will help with my other venture of filming a web series and push The Cameron Brothers into a hard cover even faster.
      But anyway just wanted to let you know what I been doing. 
      Thank you all for the support you all have been giving over the years!!
Posting a new chapter to  Under The Moon today. 
      Also I was wondering if you guys want me to post the official preview to The Cameron Brother: Apocalypse
Hey Librains,
      So it has been decided that I will be posting book number two if The Cameron Brothers. Thank you for all those that voted. 
      Monday I will be given you the date of  the first posting.