True story:
I was born on Halloween night on Gallows Road.

I have been a little warped ever since.

If you like the creepy, spooky, haunted, twisted, grotesque, and just plain weird, you and I are going to get along fine. I consider myself a horror writer; almost everything I write, no matter what my intent might have been, usually takes an on-two-wheels, screaming turn into terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things. As Molly Millions might say, "It's just the way I'm wired." My stories range from dark fantasy to science-fiction to Southern Gothic, but with few exceptions, blood and gore and nasty ole dead things abound.

I am currently working on a dark fantasy novel. While I have gone the traditional route before (my short fiction has appeared in several print and online magazines, and I'm a former member of the HWA), I've grown disillusioned with traditional publishing and I'm treading the indie path.

I'm a compulsive reader. My tastes are eclectic. I prefer horror, fantasy, and sci-fi, but I also read mysteries, historical romance, and even the occasional fanfic. If you follow me and you have Wattpad fiction, I will check it out. If it grabs me, I will read it. (Even if it doesn't grab me at first, I will probably read it anyway. I'm serious; it's compulsive.) Don't worry if it's still raw and wriggling--we all have to start somewhere. I had a lot of help on my own writing journey, and I believe in paying it forward as much as I can.

My favorite authors include Stephen King, William Peter Blatty, William Gibson, Alfred Bester, C.S. Lewis, Lovecraft, Tolkien, Bradbury, and Poe.

I collect bones, crustaceans, and roosters.

I love turkey vultures.

One of my dogs likes to bring home dead things. My yard looks terrible. I'm pretty sure none of the parts are human, though.

Pretty sure.

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LibbyFaucette LibbyFaucette May 05, 2017 03:27PM
I have come to the conclusion that Wattpad's ranking algorithms are completely on crack. "Red Sky at Night" jumped to the 400s overnight. *boggles* But hey, definitely not complaining--thank you guys...
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Red Sky at Night by LibbyFaucette
Red Sky at Night Horror
Short Story. A reimagining of a classic fairy tale, but one that pays homage to its original and much darker version: On a lonely beach, a young woman encounters a stranger with a disturbing message.
The Washer at the Ford by LibbyFaucette
The Washer at the Ford Horror
Down an endless dirt road, the shadows grow long on a hidden creek. Silence broods beneath the trees. The woods seem to wait for nightfall--and for the man unlucky enough to be trapped there once the sun goes down.
The Ties That Bind by LibbyFaucette
The Ties That Bind Horror
"When Angela saw the room for the first time, she vomited on her shoes. Then she cried--great noisy, bawling gasps that threatened to choke her. I watched all this from behind my mask, behind the impassive gla...
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