"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about CREATING yourself."

Hello, hello~ Name's Kikii CocoaPebbles (not really, obviously) and I honestly have no idea what to write in this little space. Yikes! Um, um, um, I love books of all kind. I enjoy reading and writing. I like anime, comics, food, dancing, singing (though I cannot vouch for my skills, haha), listening to music, food, candy, shouting random things at people, glomping my friends, food, sleeping, annoying my family members, did I mention that I like food? Haha. There's not really much to say, I'm just your average eccentric female with a loud mouth.

I like meeting new people and making friends, so don't be afraid of dropping me a hello here and there on my page~ And for those who have tumblr, add me! c:
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Beauties VersuS Beasts

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Description: "Are you up for the challenge?" Sparks Academy. Known among society for it's prestige and flood of talented students. A beautiful boarding school located smack in the middle of the big city, where many aim to be admitted but only few actually succe...

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