today is a sad day for the Wattpad world... Sarah quit and I'm pretty sure that I'm actually crying. she was my favorite writer. so kind, creative and inspirational. I understand her reasons but either way I'm still sad. 
          	with this I do want to promise that I won't be quitting anytime soon! my updates may be slow but it's by no means even close to a permanent end. 


yeah it is really sad. she was so inspiring but I respect her decisions. 
          	  and @xalltimemiax she said that she was uncomfortable with writing about real people so she edited all her work so it's not Kellic anymore. 


@LexusRat what were her reasons???


I see a lot of hate comments on your story Being His Little (Andy Biersack) about him possibly being a pedo because he’s into DDLG. IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE OR DO NOT LIKE THE TOPIC, DO NOT READ IT OR HATE ON IT. There is no point in doing so. It’s annoying to know people want to hate on something someone probably spent a lot of time on. 
          PS Love your stories, but I just really had to talk about this.


Hola,,,, no se si leeras esto, pero sólo quería decirte que me encantó la historia de Él colmo original ( Koli ),,,, enserio quedé fascinada con ella, me enamoré eres una increíble escritora ,, felicidades...
          Espero que algún día vuelvas a escribir otro Koli ,,, me encantan .
          Gracias por leerlo,,, feliz día o noche ( no tengo idea cuando lo leas ).


Did you see Vic Fuentes’ recent Instagram story? HE CARRIES A SEWING KIT WITH HIM HAHA I immediately thought of my favorite scene from Class Dismissed 


I love the Andy stories, but the teacher x reader is my favorite. Have you thought about writing a whole story like that? 


hey we tried to DM you but we weren’t sure if you’d read it, me and my friend run this acc together and were wondering how you get your book cover to look so good and if u could recommend or tell us of the app u use 


i stopped reading band stuff on here for so long and i couldn't remember your name but you're like the best writer i've encountered on here so i went on an intensive search to find you again