@LexTheAuthor we almost in november! Y not write the ending to broken promises one time cuz we been waiting for months on one update 


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@LexTheAuthor .. Have you ever thought about making a movie out of the Blood Line Series...I really believe you can...I love all your books..but that series was THEE SHIT...IM ACTUALLY REREADING IT....IF I WERE YOU I WOULD LOOK INTO THAT


When you finally update send me a personal link I have been on wattpad since i was a youngin and when i found your novels, talk about blown out the water, its a legit movie in my head its everything i love in a great book and you had the audacity to do a series. I love it i love your creativity. Im patiently waiting for an update and you to publish these works you would make a killing seeing as all these supporters you have up here on the app itself. Much peace, love, and many blessings to you. Thank you for all you have done