Yoyoyo. The name's Brennan.

-Been livin' it up for 15 years. Almost 16 :3

-The pictures are always me (left), so don't steal 'em

-I'm not shy, so watch out...


-Field hockey, cheer team, and lax

-I'm blonde, 100% with all the baggage >.<

-I hate animated stuff, don't ask

-^^Sept for the classics

-I talk. Way too much, it's starting to become a problem

-Hmu, broddahs :D

HAKUNA MATATA! *<|:D This party animal is OUT!


@The_SmexaiiAcorn: My loser neighbor xD But he's cool, so fan him
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LetsHaveAnother LetsHaveAnother Aug 27, 2012 03:38PM
@JoshOnYou Anytime, Mr. Samurai (; 
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