I physically can not get myself to write anymore. I really don't know what's up guys :C 
          	I tried finishing Deeper than Flesh so many times but scrapped so many endings. 
          	I started a new AU but I don't know if any of you want to see Touka grow up with little hints of romantic relationships. Not dead set on one yet but I'm pretty sure it's going to be either Touken or Keishouka (or however you spell it)
          	Arranged Fate, I could probably jump right back into considering the fact of recent games such as Witcher III and Skyrim online.
          	The AU story is my scrap idea folder sooo. Yeah.
          	If you guys have inspiration, I neeeeeed iiittttt.


@LeopardFlame1009 I have been power reading Deeper Than Flesh over the last 24 hours. I had a minor panic attack when I saw you were one chapter off from finishing, but was having problems finishing. I don't mean to sound like a needy prodding fan, but I reallllllly need an ending to this. Good. Bad. Sad. Infuriating. It does not matter.


 Man deeper than flesh is my favorite one 


@LeopardFlame1009 You should Update deeper than flesh like how Haise gets kaneki back and the wedding and baby PLEASE UPDATE


Hey man, I read Deeper than Flesh a year ago. I love ur work and sad to see that you have writers block. Hopefully you can get around that and make a good ending and make another series.


Bruh best stories I had read in my life you certainly deserve a follow here keep up the amazing work.Also don't you dare discontinue one of this stories like some other authors or else I will kill you, there are too good to be discontinued.


Omg I really love you stories especially deeper than flesh I have read it twice already and maybe for an idea to get Kaneki back you could have them fight for the dominance of their body with Ken winning and eating Sasaki like he did with Rize if you don't like it sorry it was just an idea.


I totally forgot to say I would love to see ayato's reaction to Himami's pregnancy and maybe some ba round on how they met each other, first kiss, first date etc. some little moments of them would be cute.
          Also if you could do some brother/sister bonding with Touka and Ayato maybe they go out to their parents graves and have a heart to heart. Talk about what happened between them and how they always wanted to protect each other. And how Ayato never really wanted her dead and that deep down he does care about her and Touka could say how soft he went because of Hinami and that she likes the new side of her brother.
          Hahaha... I don't know.
          Some brother bonding would be great for Kaneki and Ayato when they get him back. They could head out to a bar and talk about how they met their girlfriends and what families they wanted etc. Ayato could tell Kaneki to keep his sister safe and treat her right and Kaneki could say the same and explain that hinami is like a sister to him.
          What ever happens just don't give up on this fic!


 I love these suggestions ;-;


this message may be offensive
I love your story deeper than flesh. I've binge read it in the last 8 hours. 
          Writers block can be such a pain in the ass. I have some suggestions for it if you'd like some. Maybe Haise has to sacrifice himself to allow Kaneki control or Haise tells Kaneki that Touka is pregnant for real or Kaneki and Haise confront each other about Touka and their possible (God Please!) family and then Haise helps Kaneki see that he needs to be there for her and their possible child. (Seriously I want to see their baby!!!) or you could combine all three! 
          Wait for it... Ayato literally kicks some common sense into him by beating the shit out of their shared body, therefore killing the brain cells containing Haise's personality.....Just joking!
          On a completely unrelated note...
          Dam nikishi and Kimi's family huh...well that went to shit pretty quickly. Whatever you do DON'T YOU DARE kill of Hiname or Ayato! Or anyone else really...you BETTER NOT!!! No jokes!!!
          Some times these things need to pass on their own. Give it some time if nothing else works! Hope you get back into it soon!!