First things first....I'm weird but fun to hang out with.
I LOVE MUSIC, READING, and WRITING( though I'm not good at it >.< )!!!
I am CHRISTIAN (and proud of it :) I don't judge and I'm cool to talk to so message me if you have ANYTHING you want to tell me.
yea.....I'm me my send me cookies please!!!!
I'll love you forever if you do (>^.^)>
ANYWAYS....don't forget to recommend me to people.....I really want to win a WATTY AWARD SO SUPPORT MY DREAM YOU GUYS!
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Leonardo1995 Leonardo1995 Sep 06, 2012 01:24PM
Gir Quote: Why my piggy?! I loveded you, piggy! I loveded you! 
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Description: The life of Evelyn took a twisted turn with no memories at all she has to survive in the medieval century. She notices Nate, a complete stranger to her, is overprotecting of her.....and she has these 'feelings...


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Finding My Way To Your Heart <3

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