From pure obscurity and subjective innocence, Leon R.M. Auguste grew up enjoying reading and writing. Even as a small child, he made a secret promise that he would one day write a story of his own, a story that would be brimming full of life, tragedy, and inspiration.

Growing up as an average child in a middle-class family in the foothills of Los Angeles, California, Leon R.M. Auguste was always curious and learning about the world around us.

So it was during his adolescent years between 2007 to 2012, where he nurtured his free-spirited ways-helping fellow students, hanging out with different groups of people, and learning about as many sides of life as he could learn during that time.

Unfortunately, this reckless, unrefined, directionless way of life eventually led him to be kicked out. With nowhere else to go, he had to go live with his distant and compassionate-less father in El Paso, Texas. Around this time, Leon R.M. Auguste's childhood ended, and his life started as he quickly entered the real world.

While living with his father in El Paso, Leon R.M. Auguste quickly learned the value of growing up in a homely community and having parents who helped provide a roof over his head and love and support. His mother and stepfather provided that. But, on the other hand, his father (and rightly so) focused on working hard and paying his mortgage and other bills.

Eventually, Leon R.M. Auguste discovered compassion, understanding, and love are not requirements or guarantees in life. Moreover, the most important lesson he learned during his time with his father during his youth was the necessary sacrifices a person needs to make to create any real or lasting change in the world.

With his life surprisingly settling down in a year that has been the opposite for many people - Leon R.M. Auguste is finally ready to embark on that writer's journey he started all those years ago as a starry-eyed child full of hope and promise...
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