hello my lovelies

Please refrain from offensive jokes such as 'trigger' jokes, 'kys', 'kms', or anything of the such on any of my social media accounts. I want my social media accounts to be a safe place for everyone.

i am known as [Lenku-Alli] on youtube, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUIDsulNra0-ThJlkwIvoAw
and shsl-komahinatrash on tumblr: http://shsl-komahinatrash.tumblr.com/
also twitter: https://twitter.com/Lenku_Alli

i am complete komahina trash
therefore i also need to make fanfictions

so, i hope you enjoy them
and possibly my videos
or my tumblr


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Story by Lenku-Alli
A Future to Call Our Own by Lenku-Alli
A Future to Call Our Own Fanfiction
. . . I am Hajime Hinata. I am Izuru Kamukura. I was the cause for all my friend's comatose's. I uploaded the virus. Chiaki is gone because of me. Junko Enoshima could have escaped because of me. I am about...