I think story telling is an age old art that starts when we are children. We all want to tell a tale and as children we often do. The trick as an adult  is to find that childish enthusiasm again. I've always  wanted to scribble a story that I will enjoy with characters  that I want to play with. This creation is what I love and when hours pass unnoticed as I deal with my characters problems I am really happy. The question is will anyone else share my love and the result? 

Anyone who writes eventually wants to share their love with others.We want to share our thoughts, beliefs and questions. Not everyone will agree with what we write but that's what makes us human.

I want to write about subjects and characters that entertain you and me. I want to share. I want to read as many of the other writers on Wattpad as I can and share in their experience searching for that inner child again.

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Story by Lelantos
Serafina by Lelantos
The search for South American oil and gas has reached Peru. The local indigenous tribes are losing their live...
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