Thanks! :)


A sra. vai lançar esse livro na versão do Ethan? Seria maravilhoso,tanto quanto ter mais continuações.


Hi! I'm an Italian reader and I love all your books→ are so, so faboluos!!! And naturally I love Ethan and Liam


haces unos libros grandiosos 
          bueno asta ahora solo he leído BAD ROMEO  y me encanto
          Lo malo es que no a llegado a México (mi nacionalidad) BROKEN JULIET ni WICKED HEART


I'm new to your Bad Romeo, and love it though not finish it yet. However, I also heard that there is an extra short story called 'A very Bad Romeo Christmas' which was posted in Wattpat in past. Given that it's no longer being posted here,  where can I find it? I'll surely keep reading your Starcrossed series and up to books 2 & 3, while checking out all relevant stories (long or short). Please tell! Many thanks!


the new book you've written here will also be translated in to other languages?
          I loved the Bad Romeo's book and I love you <3 <3 <3


Leisa estoy completamente enamorada del Ethan renovado! quiero uno para mi! Besos <3

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