Over the course of my existence, Ive had to undergo a few, "Huge" changes in life, from a rebellious, misunderstood
teenager, "a lot worse than normal, little of you know," To one of the most fun-loving,
kindhearted, goofy bastards, My generation of sex-craved nymphomaniacs & money hungry bitches,
have ever seen.

I've been able to comprehend a lot of unexplainable events during my recent years.
As long as I can remember, Ive chosen to keep 90% of my thoughts safe-guarded to a point that it almost becomes unbearable.
Ive learned to bear this burden as I've grown wiser, and mentally stronger. When you deal with something for so long,
you learn to adapt to its effects and eventually overcome them, I'm still working on that second part.
A majority of the knowledge and wisdom i have sustained, came without question,
and in the day of my coalescency with the earth, they will still remain without answer.

It seems like everyday I'm searching for pieces of a never-ending puzzle, a puzzle called fate.
The pieces i come across never seem to fit together, as much as i want them to. I desperately try to force them to fit when i
know it is not possible. I'm starting to come to the conclusion, that an undetermined fate, is more acceptable for me
than a predetermined fate.

To this day, i refuse to compare myself with any of my "skull-headed equals."
I'm out of this world, and I'm most certainly, not your average, "Son of the heavens" or"King Kong of Evolution.
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