Are you really interested in who I am?

If you're curious about my reading lists (apart from the queue and read piles that are for personal reference), they contain books that I liked when I read them. It's not necessary I count them as a masterpiece, perhaps I just loved the main idea, writing style, characters, or just some minor aspect of the story.

Since we aren't able to make notes for each book this is sadly the only explanation I can give. Mostly, books on each list are ranked by the number of chapters (from lowest to highest), except the first one is always the one with the cover I liked the most, and if (for any random reason) I thought some of them should be placed higher on the list, they are.

If a book is a part of a series (not stand-alone) only the first book is added and if the book has become a sample or is being rewritten, it's placed last until finished and I can re-read it.

It should be noted, that I am a kinky bastard and very open-minded. So do read the tags before you start reading any of the books I shelved as some might contain topics you aren't comfortable with (well, this advice goes for any book on Wattpad, if we're being fair).

If you still want to know a bit about me (and haven't noticed other clues I left) here it is: I'm genderfluid (she/her pronouns, but I'm quite ok to be referenced as a bro - actually, I would probably love it). I'm pansexual and solo-polyamorous.

I'm also an adult (by any country's standards), but hey - age is just a number and I strongly oppose ageism (in fact, I'm working on a Ph.D. in that field). What else? Oh, I'm European and English is not my native language. I'm also not opposed to answering any other questions you might have.


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