Hello, hello, hello!!! Welcome one and all to the fabulous profile of myself!! I love all things anime and most things nerd so hit me up!!! Plus I'm a sucker for any good piece of fiction (fantasy primarily but I'm not too picky!)!!!  As you can see I haven't posted much of anything in a while but I hope to remedy that soon along with overhauling my old stories into something of better quality!

I'm just about to enter my first year of college so try to give me a little slack!

I'm always open to new people and ideas so feel free to message me if you have questions or suggestions or just wanna talk!

Enjoy (or try to at least) all I have to offer, and if you don't well no one made you come here so please keep any flames to a minimum! That said I'm open to critiques so long as they're reasonable!!

Have a grand time in this great adventure of life my friends and happy reading!!!
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@risemboolranger Am I a Psych fan...?!?!?! That's insanity woman!!! That's like asking if I breath air!!!!!!! I've watched and rewatched and rewatched all the episodes at least three times (and that'...
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Lost Memories ~*A Naruto Fanfic*~

Social data: 10.9K reads. 232 votes. 47 comments.

Description: Yes, that's right another Naruto Fanfic, but this one is different because it's mine! ~*Satsuki wakes up with amnesia and suffering from various wounds. She remembers only a few things, one of them being the w...


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Hatred to Hope ~*Code Geass Fanfic*~

Hatred to Hope ~*Code Geass Fanfic*~

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Hatred. War. Defeat. Suffering. Rebellion. Hatred begins anew. Arrelia knows this better than anyone, bu...

Enticed to Die ~*A Death Note Fanfic*~

Enticed to Die ~*A Death Note Fanfic*~

125 3 1

~Do you believe in ghosts? What about fate? Vampires? Werewolves? Fairies?... What about Shinigami? For...

A Demon's Tale of Demon Tails ~*A Naruto Fanfic*~

A Demon's Tale of Demon Tails ~*A Naruto Fanfic*~

3.2K 75 25

This is a story about a girl who is hosting a rather unusual demon and her life and adventures with new...

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