I'm a northerner who is now a southern farm girl. I enjoy raising organic  vegetables, and helping on our farm, (raising wheat and soybeans).  I love reading beyond all else. And have discovered writing.

My tastes vary... Westerns... Si Fi, Historic/ romantic. Currently reading a trilogy about the 12 C England. I love watching period drama and I especially LOVE North and South the book always first and second the adaptation. Next Robin Hood and all things RA.

Also..I don't think I ever stopped loving the TV show...The Young Riders. Bases loosely on the Pony Express and a group of young express riders... I love reading fan fic about the series and writing about them and discussing their lives and their world in the 1860's
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Description: Buck, a young half Kiowa/ half white Pony Express rider, who is struggling against the town's ignorant talk as recent Indian attacks threaten the peace of Sweetwater. Suddenly Buck's world takes an unexpected turn as a young woman's life collides wi...

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The speculation of 1851. It was hailed as a sure prospect, every cotton mill owner who invested was sure...