I'm in theatre and I love it 
I love to sing and I'm in my school choir
I'm a total GLEEK but I also love Taylor Swift, some Maroon 5, some The Wanted, and pretty much any songs with a good beat.
I'm learning Spanish because I think it's a cool language
I love to read and write which is why I'm on wattpad! :)

Some of my favorite book series' are the Warriors, Olympians (Percy Jackson), Hunger Games, Divergent, Secret Series, and I'll post more when I remember them.

I love reading books about romance, vampires, sometimes thriller (depending on my mood), sci-fi, and teen fiction. I also love Dytopian books so if there are any good ones out there that I haven't read (this includes wattpad stories), please tell me! :)

One of my best friends is Laura33 (you should check out her very first story, Dark Shadows are Alive).
And another one of my good friends is MargaretWindshaw (check out her story, Visions)

Here's my tumblr: http://thenushway.tumblr.com/
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