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"What I write is fiction. If you see yourself in my words, keep reading. When you stop at the end of the story, let the drama stay with the characters". -Lea Mishell

Born and raised in the suburbs and more recently seasoned by the south side of St. Louis, Missouri, most of Lea Mishell's stories are set in her hometown. Although she's been writing since the age of 16, a self-proclaimed Professional Procrastinator, Lea didn't publish her first book until after finding her "Things to Do by 30" list and saw "Publish A Book" at the top of the list! Without a storyline in mind, shortly after turning 30 and in less than 3 months, her first book, LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH, was created. Still within the timeframe of her 30th year of life, the book was published and thus launched Ms. Mishell's budding writing career. Ambition pushed her to try a few short stints as a journalist for local St. Louis publications, but Lea soon accepted the truth that her true writing passion lies with fiction as her stories drew from events in her own life.

Recently, Ms. Mishell contributed to the book, "Tales From The Lou" along with Teresa Seals, Mary L. Wilson and Myron A. Winston and will re-release her first two titles, LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH and ILLUSIONS in 2012.

Ms. Mishell currently resides in St. Louis with her husband and their children.

Personal Message: I believe, as an author AND a reader, if a book doesn't have my attention in the first chapter (if not the first PAGE), I won't bother to read further. I try to capture my readers' attention EARLY in the story or as soon as possible so they'll keep turning pages!

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LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH and ILLUSIONS are available now on Amazon!!!
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LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH: SistaGirlz, Book #1 ~ Rachael's Story Part 6

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Description: With Big Mama on her deathbed, should Rachael honor the older woman's dying wish and marry Aaron or continue on with the happiness she's found with Alonzo?


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LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH: SistaGirlz, Book # 1 ~ Rachael's Story Part 1

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