Well hellur turr ^-^ .
this be @TheNerdyGirl.
lololol this person here , be my bitch lbvs.
he likes waffles ^o^ .
Against animal cruelty , he's that nice.
I think he's 14 or 13 something like that.
umumum , he likes snipers lmao.
Bamm bammm ;3 .
he's a dude.
o and lady's , he is single [;

- peace out home skillet , nohely was here ✌.

ummm, well where to start....
My names Samson
I don’t play well with others
Friends are saints for putting up with me and not killing me
Hate the real world always putting up with its crap t-_-t
I’m 16
Have a very short temper that doesn't improve for people messing with my mates
Friends with some very random and fun people ^^^^^^^^ @TheNerdyGirl lmao
Had a bad past
Trying for a better future
Emotions are a strange thing to me
Have a type of amnisa so i tend to forget things lmfao
Dont have much of a faimly
Dad left
Sister Left
Stuck with my mother who i'm currently living with
Step dad's an ass
In Grade 11
Dont get out much
Im a massive nerd
Love high jump
love long jump
6'1 tall..... yeah
I currently do kendo
I know a mix of differnt marshel arts from friends who showed me
Used to get picked on alot
No one stood up for me
One day a boy did, and since then we've been friends
He showed me how to fight
Loved it ever since
I love Music and anime
They take me to a differn't world and i like that
If you dont get along with me dont be upset
Not alot of people do :D
Massive smart ass
Pretty Smart
Extremly lazy
Been crushed more then once
Been cautious ever since
Lots of things Have happend to me
Not sure if im crazy or if everyone else is
Although im big and scary all i really want is to just settle down and have a faimly
Always have wanted a Doughter
I want to name her Amber
Not sure if i really want a little version of me running around this world though
i think everyone has enough trouble with me

Well thats all for now if you ever want to chat just message us, I'm sure ill be on
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