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          Carly Dupont is not a normal seventeen-year-old girl. She works for her dad in his freelance organization called COBRA as a bodyguard. She trains hard and shuts everyone out of her world. After her mom’s death years ago, she’s never let anyone else in. 
          Her training is complete and her dad sends her off to be the bodyguard to the President’s son. She hasn’t seen him since she was seven, and like any jerk, he used to torment her with petty little tricks. But now she’s back and she’s stronger, faster, better.
          Yet he still has the inexplicable ability to make her feel like the weak little girl she used to be. Could he be the one to break her invisible wall?
          Welcome to her world of fists, politicians, assassins, high school, and even possible romance.


hi, would you mind reading my story, i would love some constructive criticism and what you think about it
          "All Boy's School Survival Guide" for girls
          Aliza is in a binding situation, literally! With her breasts constricted, wearing her brother's loose clothing, and dropping her voice to the lowest level, she's attending Ascham, an all boy's school! If that's not enough, throw in an extremely hot roommate, who suspects Aliza, aka Alex, of not being exactly what "he" appears to be and you have a chaotic relationship---if you can even call it that.

          PS. Please read till ch 2 before you decide to continue reading or not