Being a full time working mom of three (17,15 & 6) and I still find time to read a few stories a week.  I have probably read over 200 stories on Wattpad since my membership started.   My favorite type of books are Vampire & Werewolf, but I will read just about any genre that peeks my interest.  

If you know of or have written a good story on Wattpad, please let me know & I will give my opinion when I have finished reading it. If I read your story and like it, I vote on every chapter & will comment if I feel the story is good. If it is a favorite book of mine, I post it on Pinterest & recommend it to my friends that are also members of Wattpad.

Wishing you the best of luck with writing your story & reaching your goals for followers, votes & publishing your work (if that interest you).

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