Hello All.
          	I know it's been a while since I've been active on here. I can only apologies. My work has been crazy the apt few months, but I'm hoping in the New Year I'll have more time to sit down and write and post things. I'm still planning the Gabriel sequel; I've got plenty of ideas for this story, but nothing that seems to fit together properly when I sit down to write it. And I'm hoping to finish the newer version of Moonmount Castle finally, before re-writing and editing a few of my older works. I'll keep you all posted as things get written, edited and ready for posting here.
          	In the meantime, however, I've having a sale on my published book The Porn Star. 50% off at Smashwords (you just need to make a free account) with the code MQ99M used at the checkout valid until 05 January 2018.
          	Here's the link to the book:
          	I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


@LauraWarby well I am in for the long haul so if you don't mind let me pull a comfy chair, popcorn, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and an eager attitude for part two of 'Gabriel's' story and see you when you are ready my dear @LauraWarby...


@TomThePiper Thank you. I'm sorry it's take a while to reply, I've been swamped.
          	  Definitely not forgotten about Moonmount Castle, just very busy at work so have very little time to write. I'm trying, however, and will hopefully have some fresh updates soon :-)


@LauraWarby  YES! YES!! YES!!! YOU'RE BACK! HEAVENS BE PRAISED! All this time with your inactivity I thought you forgot about Moonmount Castle, but there is no chance that I'll forget about that book. I'm so glad you're back. So glad.


Hello, I’ve recently purchased your book but I have no idea how to read it. I bought it on my iPad and I can’t find it anywhere


@Yaoi4life1999 It depends on where you bought it from. Did you buy it from Smashwords? If yes, you should be able to down load it in multiple formats, so one should be compatible for iPad. If you bought it on the iStore, you may need to search through your apps to find the one which opens ebooks. I think it might be called Apple Books? If it was from Amazon, I'm not sure how it would be read on an iPad, unless you download a program called Calibre, download the book into that, and send it to your iPad from there in a compatible format. Hope that helps :-)


I just finished Gabriel. Such a sad yet sweet story about what sacrifices you would do for the ones you love. I can't wait for the sequel. I'll have to amuse myself with the Rex and the 3rd book with Tom and Freddie in the other series.


hi, I heard that the book porn star is on Amazon? But I cant seem to find it. How can i purchase it please? Thank you.