Hello Darlings! Nice to meet you!
So a smidge about be let's see...
I absolutely LOVE Gay people!!!! And I love and accept people regardless of their gender or preferences!!! So no judging from me!
Here are some things I LOVE/ ADORE:
RAINBOWS (they're absolutely gorgeous! And so Optimistic!)
SKITTLES (taste the fruitin rainbow!)
Rain (especially extreme thunder and lightning storms)
Nature (Oh honey snaps its gorgeous)
Oceans (Looooooove the beach)
Chickens (I plan on getting one!)
Red heads (gawd they're so hot!)
MUSIC (I couldn't live without it)
So ma Music taste kinda goes like this!
Alternative rock!
Dance and electronic (love the sound) like David Guetta, Swedish house mafia, Calvin Harris and such
Some pop (don't really listen to the radio that much)
Here are some Artistas I lalike!
Marina and the Diamonds
Florence and the machine
Ellie Goulding
Bruno mars (ocean of talent)
One Direction (yes i am a Directioner)
Sia (usually with David Guetta)
Yeah yeah yeahs
Foster the people
Imagine frkn Dragons!!!! (Gawd I fruitin luv them!)
The killers
Ummmmm.... And loads more! But that what I'm going through right now!
I Love TO SING!!! Yeah I have a voice but therez always room for improvement!
I love to draw! Play piano (teaching myself!) Dance! Swim! Gym!!!! Have fun! chill with my darling bfflz that i love so much! And I love to laugh!!!! Best feeling in the world!!!
Another thing about me (and itz quiet big!) is my hair! Itz a cross between Medusa and a Hurricane!
I also think motorcycles are bad a$$!!! And I'm saving for one right now!
And I really want a Gay best friend!!! Cuz what girl doesn't want a smexay gay guy to have as a Bffl!?
Anyway! Hope I didn't freak your fruit out to much! And if you've noticed I'm a smidgen bit weird but hey that's just me!!!
Less than three!

*Pfft* Lawd knows I'm such a Fairy!!

Love You!
My profile makes me sound like I'm on crack... WTFruit
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