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Hello. My name's Laura! I hope you enjoy your stay on my page! Why not pop me a message?

I am the happiest person you'll ever meet on the universe - I love to make people laugh and I'm the laziest person you'll ever meet. I read primarily Action and Adventure and I like to think that I lead an adventurous life, but I rarely ever leave my sofa. My tumblr is the little green button :)

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Hallo! Mein Name ist Laura! Ich bin sehr faul und mein lieblings Platz ist mein Bett. Mein Deutsch ist schlecht, aber Ich liebe Konversationen!
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The Seven

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Description: The seven cardinal sins have been a part of culture ever since the early times, used to educate those on what is morally right and wrong. Seven people were imbued by mother nature with the power to control one of the sevens sins, each destined to be...

I will be taking the seven down and starting to rewrite it sometime next week, so if you're reading it, brace for impact.