... Ummm Not Really A Writer . I Love Green ! I Love To Eat, Im Outgoing & Good At Making New Friends.... I Dont Like Being Fucked With , I Have No Patience Or Room For Bullshit !

Not Really A Fan Of Females, They Run Their Mouth Too Much.
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Princess & Dre! He Fucked Up A Lot & So Has She But At The End Of The Day The Love Is Still There. Nobody Can EVER Come Between That! He Was Wrong With The Baby Situation , Because He Can Do Shit But Soon As Princess Pulls One Of His Moves Its A Problem. He`s A Hyprocrite & That Aint Cool. Love Or Not Princess Do NEED Some Damn Back Bone !!!!!! Lol But Dre Needs To Man Up & Be A Family For The Sake Of Draya & The Fact That They Love Each Other. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BOOK !!!!!
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Its From Experience , My Friend Was Devastated Afterwards & Realized What She Done. She Needs To Fully Think It Through. Why Kill God`s Creation! Like You`ve Been Previusly Stating In The Book Never Question GOD , She Shouldnt Question It Because GOD Has A Plan & Knows What He`s Doing .... PLEASE I BEG YOU, DONT LET HER GET THE ABORTION! I WILL ODEE CRY!