Hello there.

This is @loustrous taking over my friend's bio while she's studying maths or some shit. I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Now Nayan here is a fifteen-year-old Indian whose name means 'eye'. She has ridiculously curly hair, eats her chewing gums obnoxiously, is manifestly oblivious sometimes and will put others before her every instance. Her laugh is ludicrous to the point in gets contagious, and something about her pulls you in irrevocably even if her first impression is pathetic, much to her chagrin. She is also stunning, did I mention that?

Her taste in music - sadly - is shit. (I used to furiously work on that, but whoever said long distance is easy is some pretentious imbecile.) Nayan loves frozen yoghurt and sour candies. She is obsessed with this actor, SRK, who equals up to her father's age, but well I don't possess the privilege to judge. (Tom Cruise. Sigh.) Her sense of humour is nugatory, and her penmanship is atrocious.

But then again, she's an amazing and lovely person with a titanic heart to complement her beautiful face. She'd take a bullet in the head to get her friends out of trouble, and ridicule herself and make self-deprecating jokes just to excavate a smile during tough times. She'd listen even when you drive her to the point where she'd rather shoot you than wait for an explanation.

I bet you'd want to be her best friend, and I'm awfully proud to tell you: don't hold your breath because I own her and am the most possessive bitch you could encounter and I will fucking cut you if you lay a platonic hand on her. Nope. Totally off-limits. SRK would be more available than her.

So yeah.

Go ahead and send her something cute endearing on her message board. She's very nice.

[just so we're clear, she's the harry to my louis. yep.]
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