Hiya! I'm Poppy....JK! I'm a grammar nazi, I absolutely HATE the oxford comma and I dislike cursing. Oh! I also LOVE Dan and Phil. They are so cute. *Cough* Stop it Mist, you are being VERY creepy. Either way, I have a crush on Daniel from my school (Probably shouldn't have typed that but I don't care!) so please don't share this to him or do share it to him. Whatever floats your boat. I also REALLY LOVE "The Big Bang Theory" and science. My Myer-Briggs personality type is INTP. I also am in love with Eddsworld and RP. SO PLEASE RP WITH ME...or don't. I don't care. (TSUNDERE MODE ACTIVATED!!). I also do NOT ship Phan. Might be because I have huge crushes on them. They are my BROTP though.
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Eddsworld RP by Lakespirit123
Eddsworld RP
So boredddd....The picture's not mine btw
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Dead People Can Still Kill by Lakespirit123
Dead People Can Still Kill
Mila Kimberly never hurt anyone, she could never. But when Mila's so called "friends" corner her in...
Letters to My Crush by Lakespirit123
Letters to My Crush
Letters that I will never send because I'm a coward.
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