I want to move people with my words. To bring them to laugh, cry, and love. To brighten someones day with my words. As a writer it is my job to put my unspoken dreams and fantasies out and into the world. One day i hope to do that, hopefully make your day with one piece of paper. 

|Hi I’m Isis, mixed race, I'm quiet, sweet, funny, nice, I love to write and read. Love all kinds of music, rap, rock, pop, anything really. My fav artist of rap would be Drake {Don’t judge I love him} .Fav band um...... Stuck between Panic at the disco and nevershoutnever. I will talk to you if you talk to me first because I’m very shy and timid. I kind of like to write things with a little bit of spice so most of my work is PG-13 or RATED R|

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The Red Wolf

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Description: Valya Rykov or the English version know Valentina Rykov is known as the school nerdy emo kid and is made fun of every single day because she’s different. She’s even bullied by her pack members. Oh did I mention she’s a werewolf, and not just any wer...


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